Kantung Teh Hijau Kombucha Decafe 16 Kantung Teh
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Kantung Teh Hijau Kombucha Decafe, 16 Kantung Teh

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- Certified organic by Quality Assurance Internaional
- Light, fruity flavor with notes of lemongrass and plum
- Decaffeinated herbal tea with only 5mg of caffeine per serving

Get the Most Out of Every Cup

Piping Rock Yogi Organic Kombucha Green TeaOur Green Tea Kombucha Decaf was inspired by a remedy that dates back to ancient Russia. Updated for today's lifestyle, Yogi's special formula of Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea with Kombucha is designed to support your immune system and apply antioxidants.** Spearmint naturally supports digestion, while Lemongrass and Plum flavor combine to create a smooth, fragrant blend with a light, fruity flavor. Once the steeping process is complete, you are ready to enjoy a delicious, delightful and soothing cup of green tea any time of day.

To enjoy hot, bring water just to boiling and steep for 3 minutes. Enjoy 1 to 3 cups throughout the day.

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