Minyak Biji Semangka 2 fl oz Botol Penetes
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Minyak Biji Semangka, 2 fl oz Botol Penetes

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Piping Rock 100% pure Watermelon Seed Oil (also known as Kalahari Oil) is perfect to use as a natural hair treatment or daily moisturizer. Made from cold-pressing the seeds of virgin wild watermelon, this oil is highly moisturizing, and a terrific addition to your beauty regimen.

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We proudly offer you our evolving selection of Beauty & Personal Care products at the best value in the industry! From Clay Powders, to Organic Certified Coconut Oil, Biotin & Keratin Supplements, soothing Creams, Serums & More, we have you covered. We offer an endless variety of favorites that’s always evolving to meet every unique beauty trend. Our formulas are crafted through environmentally-friendly practices with Cruelty-Free testing and rigid safety standards.

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